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Pre/Post Operation Care

Stop using hair regrowth medicines 14 days prior to operation

One week before Follicular Unit Extraction Operation:
Stop using hair regrowth medicines 14 days prior to operation Avoid taking vitamins especially B and E Avoid taking any pain reliever and aspirin type medicines Do not consume any alcoholic beverages
Day of Follicular Unit Extraction:
Have a nice healthy breakfast Wash your hair with a soft shampoo and do not use hair care products Do not consume any beverages containing caffeine Wear comfortable clothes because you will lie down during operation.

After the Follicular Unit Extraction:
Recovery time is short and many patients may return their normal life within 2-3 days after treatment.
Discharge of the Hospital:
Everything that comes from abroad and does not want hotel accommodation. Post-operation discharge. They do not need to sleep in the hospital. A special wrap is made in the section where the touch is taken. In this way, it is aesthetically possible to cut off the contact with the outer region.
Things to do at home:
It is important not to go out on the day of operation and the next day, and to have a rest. When I am very satisfied, I should not engage in any other work. However, these things can be done if there are unattractive jobs such as massage, computer use, etc.

First wash:
It is beneficial to make the first wash after it is controlled by specializing in hospital and clinic. Due to the early 24 hours of operation, the latest 72 hours after the wash is required. First of all, some softening lotion should be applied on hair plantation and this lotion should be kept for 20-45 minutes. After the processes to soften the dried blood, the hair is rinsed with warm water and purified from the lotion. Then a special medical shampoo is foamed in the palms and fringes of other areas and both the planting area and the washing area are washed. Washing should be with fingertips and palms and no fingernails should be used. After the washing is finished, the paper should be dried only by removing the nail without rubbing the hair with a towel. There is no need to increase the desire of washing every day and no shells, sediments, dried blood should be left after 7-10 days. This process should be repeated every day and return to normal washing habits from Day 15. 15. From day one, the patient may continue to wash his hair or wash less frequently if he so desires. You may shower more than once but it is not recommended to shampoo them more than once.
Hair extraction process:
The hair is poured in 3 weeks after sowing so that the roots remain inside. In fact, it would be better to break this. The roots waiting for 90 days later go out after this time and start. Her hair came out and she was out. After about 8-10 months, all hair (3% chance of fever in ideal conditions) is released.

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