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FUT hair transplant

FUT means Follicular Unit Transplantation.

FUT means Follicular Unit Transplantation. In this technique, a healthy skin between two ears, called the hair ring, is surgically removed from the area by a strip of skin, separated into individual roots. Then these roots are placed into channels that are opened in the field where hair growth is desired. Nowadays the FUT trace is too small to be seen.

Fut method is the transfer of hair roots in the form of clusters rather than individually. Hair roots are in the form of clusters containing 1 to 4 hair clips, the hair clusters are always made under a microscope glass and separated under a microscope glass. Fut method is the placement of hair roots taken from the circular area between the back and ears of the head. Hair transfer has been used extensively with the Fut method, but with the progress of the technology and the emergence of new methods, it is no longer preferred.

The most obvious difference between the futue method and the fue method is the method of hair removal. Afterwards, the hair transplantation methods to be applied continue in the same way. The hair piece that contains hair follicles which is efficient in the method of futhac sheet planting is taken by a surgical method and the hair follicles in the tissue part are separated into micro grefts, that is, they are transferred to the region where the hair is to be applied. Efficient hair roots are acquired from time to time, and hair roots are taken under the microscope glass to prevent damage to the hair clusters received.

Due to the fut method, special needles are not used in the transport process, so it is lower in terms of price. With Fut method, there may be a trace in hair transplantation process, sensory loss and numbness may be temporarily felt in the area where hair follicles are taken. If the Fut method is desired to be repeated, this process should be waited for at least six months.

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