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Female hair transplant

Hair loss in women is more disturbing than men.

Hair loss in women is more disturbing than men. Because of statistically more than half of the men are faced with the problems of regional hair loss and serious hair loss, and this is relatively common. In females this rate is lower. If the size of the hair loss is serious, it can wear it more. In addition, women pay more attention to their appearance than men. This is why women should especially take their hair loss seriously.

Hair loss in men is usually caused by genetic factors. In females, the situation is slightly different. Women often face hair loss during certain periods, such as pregnancy, postpartum, menopause. However, factors such as hormonal imbalances, cosmetic products used for hair, stains and stress can also cause unwanted hair loss.

There are a number of differences between women and men regarding hair transplantation. In males hair loss is usually caused by genetic causes and is territorial. It is first visible from the forehead line, then from the sides and from the hill but the hair between the two ears and the nape of the neck is not spilled. The results are also very successful because hair roots in this region are used in hair transplant operations.

In females, the situation is somewhat different. Hair loss in women known as "Alopesi Totalis" is generally seen at the same intensity in all regions. This type of hair loss is also likely to spill on the planted hair, so it is more difficult to get results as successful as men in the hair. If you are faced with a serious hair loss or hair loss problem, we recommend that you first look at an expert dermatologist. If your hair loss is in a size that can not be compensated and treated, you can get back your lost hair by making a hair plant.

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