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Eyebrow hair transplant

The eyebrow area where the hair follicles are to be placed

What is eyebrow transplant?
By applying FUE technique, the grafts required for brow opening from the nape region are taken by micromotor by single hair transplant robot. The eyebrow area where the hair follicles are to be placed should be adjusted with local anesthetic drugs. Micro-channels are opened with lateral slit in the region where the eyebrows are to be planted. The specialist doctor and the healthcare personnel perform the individual sowing process on the opened channels.

The trauma of the eye is extremely disturbing. Even a small trace is the most noticeable point in the face region. Even if it is closed with pen and permanent makeup, the most accurate permanent and natural solution is eyebrow planting.

Is it possible to sow in the traces of eyebrow?
Eyebrow problems that can be corrected with eyebrow cultivation; Such eyebrow losses can be camouflaged near the tummy by making the root transplant as much as the eyebrow density around the eye. The scar is brought invisibly after the eyebrow suture.

How is the eyebrow planting done?
Eyebrows are technically the process of placing micro-grafts (single-stranded hair) in the nape of a person and placing them in the eyebrow area, as if they were hair transplants.
Will the technique to be used in eyebrows change from person to person?
In general, the same technique is used, but the degree of eyebrow loss and the causes of spillage are important to the technique to be used.
Can everyone apply eyebrows?
Anyone with hair in the neck area can be applied.
Do you feel pain during application?
Absolutely not. In the area where local anesthesia is to be performed before the operation, the painful feelings are removed with cold sprayers and pomades. Even the tattoos done by the crows cause more pain.
Can a natural look be provided in browsing?
It is very important how the eyebrows want the eyebrows. It is very important that everyone's hair and eyebrows are different from each other, accordingly the thickness of the eyebrows to be attached should be appropriate to the person's previous eyebrows and hair structure. A person who has a very frequent and lush hair does not have a very thin eyebrow model, and a thick and thick eyebrow is not suitable for someone who has a rare hair.
What should be considered when deciding how to make eyebrows?
It is very important how the eyebrows want the eyebrows. For this reason, they should decide with the doctor about eyebrow line, frequency and thickness. You can shape a thick eyebrow as you want it to look like, but you can not give a thin and thick eyebrow image. It's okay if your eyebrows are a bit normal.
Do you have any problems after the eyebrows have been raised? What should be considered?
It will only be necessary to shorten your eyebrows by taking them once a week.

Why eyebrow transplant?
Naturally grown hair grows because it has hair characteristics, not eyebrows. The grafts (hair roots) taken with FUE technique and micromotor device are separated one by one and cultivated in non-brow regions. Hair can be taken from different parts of the body for eyebrow planting. Underarm, genital area, arms and legs Or hair roots in the nape of the neck. The sowing process is very different in the eyebrow area. Because the brow output pattern varies according to the person. The eyebrows at right angles at the right angle change their angle as they approach the ears. This should be done entirely by a professional team. If you want to thicken your eyebrows or change their shape, it is possible with eyebrows. It is an application preferred by many famous people in recent years. Our eyebrows are the look and the symbol of our present. The brow is the most positive result in hair transplant hair transplant. Expert hands are made with FUE method and given the necessary angle in each region can not be distinguished from the natural eyebrows. According to the region where hair roots taken from the neck region will be added; Scars, rare eyebrows or eyebrows on the average of 250 to 1000 wires are located. You determine the way you want it, we have browns that can not be distinguished from nature. The hair follicles, taken after the erection of the eyebrows, also have prolonged periods of time during the eyebrows. At certain intervals you need to shorten your eyebrows with scissors. Eyebrow suturing is painless. It is done by local anesthesia. Bruising does not occur and is done as short as 3-4 hours. After 3 days you will have your first dressing. The next 1 week after the operation will be a slightly pink image. After dressing on the 7th day you will have a natural eyebrow look. You can make eyebrows in 1-2 hours without compromising your daily life. After 1-2 months, our patients can get eyebrows. Having beautiful looks is now easy.

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