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Beard hair transplant

More aesthetic appearance with beard transplantation

If your beard grows less or less regularly besides your hair, your beard are gone. This is now possible with hair transplantation. It is possible to achieve a more aesthetic appearance by transplantation with FUE technique to the areas with regional dilutions, cuticle or scarring.

How is the beard and favorite planting done?
If there is general rarity or regional beard loss, the sowing process is adjusted according to the beard frequency around it. If the beard is not entirely available, it can be planted between 1,000 and 3,000 roots, depending on the frequency and extent of the crop desired. A full corner has a mustache and jaw area of ​​400'er root, 100 favorite branches of root, a total of 1,000 root cultivation provides a distinctive view change. The process of bearding is performed by taking the hair roots from the superficial region just above the incense or over the ear. In beard cultivation, FUE is applied to those who accept hair shaving, and FUT method is applied to those who do not. The undersized hairs on the undersurface region, the chest, the lower parts of the incision and the cheek bone can also be used to tighten the sparse areas of the beard.

How is the process behind the surgery?
There will be no marks on the body or enslave after beard planting. The attached field is dark red due to the blood clot from the spot where the used needles are immersed immediately after sowing but this appearance is cleared after the first dressing. There is an increase in blood flow in the sowing area in order for the bean to be better fed by the body, and there are small redness in the hair on the base. This light red image disappears spontaneously in 1-2 weeks. After the second week, a part of the beard and bean that are planted will experience a temporary shedding called shock pouring. After a few months without temporary spillage, all of the spills are permanently removed.

How is a mustache planting done?
It is the cultivation process of the split hair follicles which do not come out in the upper lip region. With the FUE technique used in the sowing, problems such as scarring, operation marks, burn marks, spillage can be closed naturally in the mustache area. With the FUE technique, hair roots are taken from the desired place as much as desired, and the sowing process is performed in the required mustache area, at the desired frequency and in the direction that should be in that area. Radish roots are cultivated with the aid of 0,6-0,7 mm tools without cutting the skin, so the sowing time is shortened and there is no root death because the roots do not wait. Added hair follicles continue to grow after they are planted. 4-6 months after sowing, sowing can be done if there is a sparse area. The mustache sowing process should be done by an expert in order to avoid any unwanted consequences, even if it is a short and practical operation.

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