You should read before choosing your hair transplant clinic in Turkey

How to choose the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

Here in this article you will find the types of hair transplant clinics in Turkey. You will also find answers to many questions about clinics in Turkey, such as how many grafts can a surgeon or doctor process in one day? or what happens if a damaged graft is transplanted to your head? So lets start to search for these answers form real doctor or surgeon experiences about hair transplantation in Turkey.

Types of Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Turkey has become the number one go-to destination for cheap hair transplants. It is estimated that are about 500 hair transplant clinics in Turkey and that’s a huge number.

That’s more than all Europe. This actually sounds unbelievable but out of 500 hair transplant clinics it’s just five or six doctor hair transplant clinics. Before you choose your hair transplant clinic in Turkey or any other city in the world, you should definitely read this blog.

So we can say that there are 3 type of hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

  1. Doctor hair transplant clinics
  2. Technician only hair transplant clinics
  3. Doctor’s supervised clinics

Doctor hair transplant clinic: This means the doctor or surgeon is doing the procedure, which should be what you prefer actually. We do also advise you doctor hair transplant clinics.

Technician only hair transplant clinic : So this is actually the vast majority of the clinics. The doctors takes no part in the procedure. You’ll be lucky if the doctor say good morning at the start of the procedure and then disappears.

Doctor supervised hair transplant clinics : When we said doctor supervised, it doesn’t mean that he’s just around looking what’s what and what’s going on and we should actually be seeing him being around designing the head and the recipient incisions.

Just to remind you that there are three steps in the hair transplant procedure.

Graft extractions, recipients incisions and placement, so in the supervised clinic the doctor should be actually doing the recipient decisions and as maybe 12 of those clinics in turn.

The third group is the doctors or we can say surgeons and when we say doctor only which means that the doctor should be doing all the graft extractions and recipients. I’d concision the technicians should only be just being grabbed placement and there’s a half of those. 

You can also read our other blog posts about type of hair transplant clinics in details. The questions above are covered on those posts. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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