How Things Work in Hair Transplant Technician Clinics

hair transplant clinics

What happens if you have a hair transplant surgery in a technician clinic?

When you go to a technician clinic and then if you’re lucky you will see the doctor in the first morning you arrived. Probably he will sell you the procedure and then disappears. After that technicians take over everything from shaving to local anesthetic and administration of the graft extractions.

Just to remind you that, this is totally illegal in Turkey. So they do all of these and then this happens to be the recipients decisions. Then the places they do everything which it may not be the evidence while the disadvantages of this may be so many.

It’s not just about losing money. There are serious consequences of all these procedure. For example, what happens when technicians do grab extractions which they usually do it with their bare eyes.

They will not be able to use surgical lose so what they do is they initiated is actually take the micro motor. They just punch the skin at machines. Just like the speed of the sewing machine and they blindly drill into the skin 5 to 6,000 times under 3 hours. After that they start picking up the grafts whichever one is actually intact.

What happens if a damaged graft is transplanted to your head?

So they actually see this as fishing. What happens here is, let’s say we do about 6000 punches which makes that 2,000 of those grafts are immediately and totally damaged. Discarded 2,000 grafts are almost totally transected but they seemingly have this physically ground there and then the other 2000 grafts are also significant be damaged. They have water to intact follicles. With that so the 2000 grafts card and the 2,000 grafts are totally damaged are mixed with the 2,000 healthy ones. Than they told me that grafts are happen to be partially damaged and they are all placed in the recipient area.

So it looks like you have 4,000 grafts but then 6 to 10 months later, what you see is maybe 1000 or 2000 grafts that are covered and not growing which is the expected outcome because the grafts are so much damaged.

Hope you like reading this article about hair transplant clinics in Turkey. This is more about the types of hair transplant clinics. I am sure you that you wouldn’t want to choose a technician only hair transplant clinic after you read this article.  Don’t for get that we are always here to help you about making the best decision in hair transplantation area. Just send us an email and we will get in contact with you soon.

How Things Work in Hair Transplant Doctor Clinics in Turkey

hair transplant clinics

Why choose a Doctor only hair transplant clinic? and what should you know about it?

You go to the clinic where the doctor does your consultation and then it does your    drawings and then shaving is done.  I personally like doing that myself as well because I see that as a part of the planning so I do the shaping and do the drawings.

After that the door area is  prepared and then the local anesthetic is done so we do a local    anesthetic. Next the graph extraction for fue starts. So that’s when you look at what happens and how long it takes to do this procedure.

How many grafts can a surgeon or doctor process in one day?

Now a skilled surgeon will be doing on average extract 500 grafts per hour. Not some little faster someone with a little slower but it should be around that range. So let’s say 2000 grafts takes approximately four hours to do and then there’s a large break. After the break the recipient sites incisions should be done by the doctor. If we want one and a half hours depending on the version and political and then the ground place to rest should be placed under four hours. So this is a total of 8-9 hours.

So you can quickly see that 2,000 grafts is almost a daily limit. Every procedure actually takes 8-9 hours in their hands of a skilled surgeon. So this should also answer any questions about the graft numbers, because we hear that some clinics are offering 4000, 5000, even 6000 grafts a day. Which is not possible. How can it be possible? There has to be something wrong because it’s not possible to work more than 8-9 hours a day.

So from this you can quickly understand that the daily limit is about 2000 grafts. if your procedure is going to take 8-9 hours so how about that who are claiming that they’re going to do 5000 grafts. Well now you know the answer to that question. So it’s either a big lie because they know that you are not going to be able to count the numbers 🙂 or they are well super human powered people. Good luck with that 🙂

You should read before choosing your hair transplant clinic in Turkey

How to choose the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

Here in this article you will find the types of hair transplant clinics in Turkey. You will also find answers to many questions about clinics in Turkey, such as how many grafts can a surgeon or doctor process in one day? or what happens if a damaged graft is transplanted to your head? So lets start to search for these answers form real doctor or surgeon experiences about hair transplantation in Turkey.

Types of Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Turkey has become the number one go-to destination for cheap hair transplants. It is estimated that are about 500 hair transplant clinics in Turkey and that’s a huge number.

That’s more than all Europe. This actually sounds unbelievable but out of 500 hair transplant clinics it’s just five or six doctor hair transplant clinics. Before you choose your hair transplant clinic in Turkey or any other city in the world, you should definitely read this blog.

So we can say that there are 3 type of hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

  1. Doctor hair transplant clinics
  2. Technician only hair transplant clinics
  3. Doctor’s supervised clinics

Doctor hair transplant clinic: This means the doctor or surgeon is doing the procedure, which should be what you prefer actually. We do also advise you doctor hair transplant clinics.

Technician only hair transplant clinic : So this is actually the vast majority of the clinics. The doctors takes no part in the procedure. You’ll be lucky if the doctor say good morning at the start of the procedure and then disappears.

Doctor supervised hair transplant clinics : When we said doctor supervised, it doesn’t mean that he’s just around looking what’s what and what’s going on and we should actually be seeing him being around designing the head and the recipient incisions.

Just to remind you that there are three steps in the hair transplant procedure.

Graft extractions, recipients incisions and placement, so in the supervised clinic the doctor should be actually doing the recipient decisions and as maybe 12 of those clinics in turn.

The third group is the doctors or we can say surgeons and when we say doctor only which means that the doctor should be doing all the graft extractions and recipients. I’d concision the technicians should only be just being grabbed placement and there’s a half of those. 

You can also read our other blog posts about type of hair transplant clinics in details. The questions above are covered on those posts. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

Hair transplant cost and experience in Turkey

hair transplant turkey
hair transplant turkey

Hair Transplant Experience of Martin in Istanbul/Turkey

This is an experience about martin. The 34-year old guy who is rarely leaves his house without a hat. The reason for this is his hair. The bank employee suffers from chronic Hair loss.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey vs Hair Transplant Price in Germany

Martin decides to have a hair transplantation. During his research he finds out that the procedure would cost at least 10000 euro in Germany. He doesn’t want to pay that price because he think it’s way too expensive.

A friend of him on the internet finds a service from Istanbul / Turkey where the procedure only costs 2500 euro including the flight and all other costs. At first he was skeptical towards the service  provider due to the price compared to Germany compliant but over time he stopped worrying after did his research about hair transplant in turkey clinics.

The reason for this, is not the low-cost only but the staff also and This makes Turkey is a lot cheaper choice than in Germany and there is another reason, only form hair transplantation so the clinics have perfected the procedure upload every staff member you don’t know    exactly what to do and that saves time and money.

So let’s see what awaits a hair transplant patient in Turkey. For Martin an adventure begins in Turkey, Istanbul Airport Martin is picked up by a driver the drive only takes 20 minutes    and his hotel room fulfills all his wishes with pure luxury the hotel is owned a few minutes from the Clinic or hospital on foot from A to Z  everything turned out great. The flight was pleasant the transfer was fast and without any complications the room was ready.

When he arrives the clinic where Martin will have this surgery is one of the most modern    University clinics in the world every year more than 30,000 surgeries are performed there.

How is a hair transplant procedure works: Martin is waiting on this pre-check a blood sample is taken first always present interpreter chair.

I work in the Department for hair transplantation as a translator and interpreter we have lots of patients from german-speaking countries and I accompany them from the beginning until    the end. If they have questions i’m always here before during and after the procedure. On the day of the surgery Martin has a rich breakfast buffet at the hotel. He really wants to go through with the surgery as he’s been dreaming the thick hair for a long time. I’ve thought about the subject a few times in the last couple years but i was never able to make a decision like that.

I said I’m going to go through with the hair transplantation expert who analyzes Martin’s hair structure or perform hair transplantation on a daily basis about for procedures per day. I mean fue specialist every hair transplantation takes place with the cooperation of my team    generally speaking a hair transplantation is possible for everyone who is healthy and has enough hair in the donor zones. It’s not important whether it’s a man or a woman our patients are between the ages of 18 and 75 and begin the field of bit anxious especially since my hair is coming off now but it’s going to be fine. The hair has to be taken off so that the doctor can reach the donor hair perfectly. They should fill in the empty spot i always pictured. it would be way worse if I’m being honest. I even move generally speaking a hair    transplantation is possible for everyone who is healthy and has enough hair in the donors on us and it’s not important whether it’s a man or a woman our patients are between the ages of 18 and 75 the entire surgery will be performed with local anesthesia.

Hair Transplant Procedure FUE Technique

The patient will be able to answer and be awake first the doctor extracts the so-called    graphs from the back of the head invitation using a micro drill. This method is called micro FUE.  Mentioned maybe the grafts will be implanted in the front for Martin’s head. That’s about 4,000 grafts. We don’t economize in places where it’s important even look that means. we use our technical equipment it’s all made in Germany. Every needle every engine every    scalpel is top equipment. The entire procedure took eight hours but Martin made it ok. Christian, the interpreter will now give him further instruction on how to behave the    following days. The 34-year old is also given the special care products. It was completely pain-free I could feel the needle that wasn’t pleasant but the rest was completely pain-free without any complications. For some parts of the procedure I even slept and didn’t notice    much. This way time pass really fast. The doctor is very pleased with the results so far. The doctor made a really great impression on me. They’re very competent one at that. He was present during most part of the surgery and that’s because he controlled the whole thing with the funding fish. I mean at the end of the day you leave with a really good feeling.

Hair transplant surgeon says that, I would feel empty without my job. I make my patients happy with my job often times people come visit me after 12 months to show me that thick hair. When they talk about their new found confidence shuts the most precious gift in the world after just three days.