How Things Work in Hair Transplant Technician Clinics

What happens if you have a hair transplant surgery in a technician clinic?

When you go to a technician clinic and then if you’re lucky you will see the doctor in the first morning you arrived. Probably he will sell you the procedure and then disappears. After that┬átechnicians take over everything from shaving to local anesthetic and administration of the graft extractions.

Just to remind you that, this is totally illegal in Turkey. So they do all of these and then this happens to be the recipients decisions. Then the places they do everything which it may not be the evidence while the disadvantages of this may be so many.

It’s not just about losing money. There are serious consequences of all these procedure. For example, what happens when technicians do grab extractions which they usually do it with their bare eyes.

They will not be able to use surgical lose so what they do is they initiated is actually take the micro motor. They just punch the skin at machines. Just like the speed of the sewing machine and they blindly drill into the skin 5 to 6,000 times under 3 hours. After that they start picking up the grafts whichever one is actually intact.

What happens if a damaged graft is transplanted to your head?

So they actually see this as fishing. What happens here is, let’s say we do about 6000 punches which makes that 2,000 of those grafts are immediately and totally damaged. Discarded 2,000 grafts are almost totally transected but they seemingly have this physically ground there and then the other 2000 grafts are also significant be damaged. They have water to intact follicles. With that so the 2000 grafts card and the 2,000 grafts are totally damaged are mixed with the 2,000 healthy ones. Than they told me that grafts are happen to be partially damaged and they are all placed in the recipient area.

So it looks like you have 4,000 grafts but then 6 to 10 months later, what you see is maybe 1000 or 2000 grafts that are covered and not growing which is the expected outcome because the grafts are so much damaged.

Hope you like reading this article about hair transplant clinics in Turkey. This is more about the types of hair transplant clinics. I am sure you that you wouldn’t want to choose a technician only hair transplant clinic after you read this article. ┬áDon’t for get that we are always here to help you about making the best decision in hair transplantation area. Just send us an email and we will get in contact with you soon.

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