How Things Work in Hair Transplant Doctor Clinics in Turkey

Why choose a Doctor only hair transplant clinic? and what should you know about it?

You go to the clinic where the doctor does your consultation and then it does your    drawings and then shaving is done.  I personally like doing that myself as well because I see that as a part of the planning so I do the shaping and do the drawings.

After that the door area is  prepared and then the local anesthetic is done so we do a local    anesthetic. Next the graph extraction for fue starts. So that’s when you look at what happens and how long it takes to do this procedure.

How many grafts can a surgeon or doctor process in one day?

Now a skilled surgeon will be doing on average extract 500 grafts per hour. Not some little faster someone with a little slower but it should be around that range. So let’s say 2000 grafts takes approximately four hours to do and then there’s a large break. After the break the recipient sites incisions should be done by the doctor. If we want one and a half hours depending on the version and political and then the ground place to rest should be placed under four hours. So this is a total of 8-9 hours.

So you can quickly see that 2,000 grafts is almost a daily limit. Every procedure actually takes 8-9 hours in their hands of a skilled surgeon. So this should also answer any questions about the graft numbers, because we hear that some clinics are offering 4000, 5000, even 6000 grafts a day. Which is not possible. How can it be possible? There has to be something wrong because it’s not possible to work more than 8-9 hours a day.

So from this you can quickly understand that the daily limit is about 2000 grafts. if your procedure is going to take 8-9 hours so how about that who are claiming that they’re going to do 5000 grafts. Well now you know the answer to that question. So it’s either a big lie because they know that you are not going to be able to count the numbers 🙂 or they are well super human powered people. Good luck with that 🙂

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