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How Things Work in Hair Transplant Technician Clinics

What happens if you have a hair transplant surgery in a technician clinic? When you go to a technician clinic and then if you’re lucky you will see the doctor in the first morning you arrived. Probably he will sell you the procedure and then disappears. After that technicians take over everything from shaving to local …

How Things Work in Hair Transplant Doctor Clinics in Turkey

Why choose a Doctor only hair transplant clinic? and what should you know about it? You go to the clinic where the doctor does your consultation and then it does your    drawings and then shaving is done.  I personally like doing that myself as well because I see that as a part of the planning …

You should read before choosing your hair transplant clinic in Turkey

How to choose the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey? Here in this article you will find the types of hair transplant clinics in Turkey. You will also find answers to many questions about clinics in Turkey, such as how many grafts can a surgeon or doctor process in one day? or what happens if …